Keowee Adventure Center


When you make your reservation we recommend you allow about 1/2 hour per person to get the most out of the program. Obviously everyone learns at a different pace, but you can expect to be up and waterskiing or wakeboarding if not during the first lesson, by the second.

We work with first time skiers in a "tried and true" fashion by starting out on the "Boom". This excellent training device allows the student to ski beside the boat at a safe distance. The instructor is able to correct and communicate from a closer distance providing an accelerated learning experience. The solid support of the boom also helps with balance when feeling a little unsteady!

For wakeboarding, boats are equipped with a Flite Pipe which allows an upward pull from the start. Practicing jumps and aerials is greatly enhanced as the pull comes from higher up allowing the student more "air time". 

Remember :

  • Water Skiing is an acquirable skill.  It is no different than learning to type, draw or play a  musical instrument.

  • A lesson is not a test.  -  Just relax and be yourself.

  • The learning process is fun, but sometimes takes time to master.

  • Never think "this feels awkward" when trying something new buy cialis.  Instead think "this feels new and I must give my self time to get used to it."

  • When working on a new suggestion, don't be discouraged by not getting it right immediately.

  • Understand that you cannot always ski your best.  Even the best have off days and bad passes 

  • Sometimes working on only one or two skills during a lesson is all that is needed to advance to the next level!


All our drivers are certified instructors through the American Water Ski Association and have certificates
from the American Red Cross in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid.


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