Keowee Adventure Center

A Sound Program
Campers: Lake Keowee provides one of the best lake experiences in the south. Great weather, low traffic and constant lake levels give free reign to water sports activities. The scenery is spectacular! Sail and windsurf right off the docks to open water. Keowee's clean, clear water provides 6 foot visibility - excellent for swimming and scuba, canoeing, kayaking. A perfect outpost for your camp !!!

Marketing: Increased promotional opportunities allow your camp to market for up-coming seasons. Higher camp enrollment relates directly to how much fun your campers have. Our camp ski program has proven this in the past. We are full each year with a high rate of return. Brochure and video opportunities, off season use, and staff outings are just a few of the ways for your camp to market the facilities!

Our program allows you to relax and provide your campers an excellent lake experience.

Savings on boats
Savings on equipment
Savings on facility
Savings on insurance
Savings on transportation
Savings on staff

... It all adds up!

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